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Kitchen deep cleaning can be the most laborious task for some, but Walsh Industrial Cleaning are the most experienced, and most effective deep cleaners you could only hope to find. Employed by many national pub/restaurant and hotel chains, we promise to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness whilst meeting all the required legal standards. We only use environmentally friendly products specific to the food industry but still deliver the desired result, and we work 24/7 to help keep your business running smoothly with minimum disruption. 
Walsh Industrial Cleaning can provide cost-effective solutions to help keep your ventilation and/or extract system working effectively and efficiently. 
For commercial kitchens we can supply your grease filters. We offer two types: 
i. Baffle grease filters: allow grease to drain in to drip tray below.  
ii. Mesh grease filters: trap grease within the mesh barrier. Easy to clean and can survive vigorous use. 
We also offer panel filters, and rigid bag filters. 
deep cleaning
Whether circular or rectangular, we can supply and fit access doors to your duct work. These are necessary to allow easy access to duct work, enabling a more thorough clean and hence a more efficient system. 
i. Spiral duct access doors are available for all diameters of spiral ducting 
ii. Rectangular access doors are available for the larger, more complex duct work. 
Bacteria and germs will settle on almost any and every surface. It is essential in some environments such as a hospital or other pharmaceutical premises, that potential health risks are at a minimum. The fogging technique is an effective way of sanitizing areas that conventional methods cannot reach in a limited time and with minimal disruption. 
Fogging is a very effective technique and one that is highly recommended to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Application involves spraying anti-bacterial sanitizer in a contained area at ultra low volume (ULV). The specialist equipment helps to create a whirling effect of minute sanitizer particles, ensuring that the entire area is covered. Dry fogging, (or misting) works similarly but with the use of smoke. The advantages of dry fogging apply more to those who are office or factory based, where ULV fogging could potentially cause damage to electrical components. Fogging allows for a more concentrated sanitizer to be used almost anywhere, helping to increase a more efficient application and inevitably reduce costs compared to the more conventional methods. 
fogging sanitisation
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